If God Loves Me, No Other Love Matters

If God Loves Me, No Other Love Matters

I love music.

I especially love songs that deal with my Heavenly Father.  They can be praise songs, worship songs, dance songs, rap songs, rock songs, really anything that talks about God and how awesome He is and our relationship with Him.

I just can’t handle heavy metal or screamo music.

I know some get it and I am NOT bashing it by any means.  My daughter loves it and so do a few of my friends.  I just don’t get it.  It gives me a headache every time I listen to it.

If it brings glory to God and it brings others closer to Him…scream it all you want…just not near me!  🙂

I sing songs a lot…around the house, in the car, at church, while I’m working, while I’m cleaning.  You get the point.

I love to sing.

People may not love to hear me sing.  I’m happy to buy them earplugs!

I’ve caught myself quite a few times though just singing to sing.  I don’t really pay attention to the words or I may not really mean what I’m singing.  When I catch myself…the tears fall, I realize the words I say, the tears fall some more, then I sing louder with my whole heart.

My first point is this…whenever you sing, whether it’s a lot like me or a little, sing with your whole heart.  Know what your singing.  There is so much truth and power in the words that are written in songs.

A couple of weeks ago that happened to me while I was at church.  I was singing away and then I realized I had no idea what I was singing.  It was the song “Wrap me in Your Arms”.

Let me give you a little background on me first.  I have ALWAYS strived for other people’s love so much so that I looked in all the wrong places at all the wrong times just to be loved.  I didn’t realize at the time that what I was searching for no human could give me.  When I gave my life to Christ I began to feel that love that I searched for for so many years, but I didn’t accept it fully.  I still wanted love from people.

The first line in that song is “There is a God who loves me”.  I stopped in my tracks.  I literally stopped singing and stared at the screen that showed those words.  A GOD LOVES ME!  Not just a handsome husband, or a president, or a prince or even a king…but a GOD!


If God loves me, no other love matters.


It doesn’t matter if your parents or your siblings love you.  It doesn’t matter if your neighbors or your co-workers love you.  Quit trying to make them all love you because God loves you and that is what counts.

He loves you with an everlasting love.  No matter what you do…how rude, despicable, hateful, angry, deceitful you are…He STILL loves you.

He will ALWAYS love you.


If He loves you, don’t you want to do everything you can to please Him?

Stop trying to please the world.  The world cannot get you a ticket to heaven.  They  cannot make the hurt go away.  The people on this planet, including me, cannot give you a peaceful eternity.

God can!

God can do all that and more and HE LOVES YOU!

I read this quote awhile back by Saint Augustine.  It says, “God loves each of us as if there were only one of us.”


There is a God who loves you. Not just a handsome husband, or a prince or even a king...but a GOD! Nothing else should matter except His love. Read this weeks "Bible verse of the Week" to understand what I mean.


That’s a pretty awesome God.  He loves me more than all creation that He made, but He loves you the same.  I cannot imagine being able to love like that, but He’s teaching me.

If you are going to lose someone’s love because of what God wants you to do, do what God says and lose their love.  They didn’t really love you.  God does.

My second point today is there is a God who loves you.  Live as though He loves you.  Please Him.  Worship Him.  Love Him.

Get close to God.  Remain in His love as our “Bible Verse of the Week” says.  Spend your mornings with Him.  Spend your nights with Him.  You will be amazed at the overwhelming, life-changing, powerful love that He has for you.


There is a God who loves you. Not just a handsome husband, or a prince or even a king...but a GOD! Nothing else should matter except His love. Read this weeks "Bible verse of the Week" to understand what I mean.


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Hi! I'm Julia. I have an awesome God, 1 wonderful husband, 2 beautiful daughters, and 2 very loving dogs. I love them all from the bottom of my heart as well as pretty much all things DIY. I am a completely flawed, broken, and challenging woman who rests in the fact that I serve a mighty Savior who has freed me from all of it and loves me deeply. I have homeschooled and taught kids in a church setting for what seems like a lifetime, but God isn't finished with me yet. I feel God has led me to teach and speak His Truth in a much larger setting. I pray that as you read my blog, you will know and understand a little more of that Truth and be able to feel His love more than you ever have.

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  1. Oh what joy music, Christian music brings to my heart! You are so right on Julia! We can get so much more if we just concentrate on the words! Praise the Lord! Let’s all sing praises to the one and only God that loves us unconditionally!

  2. Great post, Julia. Worship music helps me stay focused on Jesus and His grace and love in my life. Your title is powerful and reminds me it IS the greatest love affair on the planet…me and God. Blessings!

  3. Yes, I love waking ups in the morning and seeking Him through praise and worship! He is so awesome to me! Thank you!

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