No Other Name Can Save You

No Other Name Can Save You

My husband and I love to welcome people to our church.  We set up this cute little table, nothing fancy, and greet almost everyone who walks in the doors.  We meet some of the sweetest most loving people…beautiful people that just want to be loved and accepted for who they are.  This week was no different.  We were able to meet a lot of sweet, loving, and beautiful people.

There was a slight difference this week in how we greeted one set of lovely ladies.  These two daughters of the King of Kings walked in and walked rather quickly.  Odd in and of itself since it was still 15 or so minutes before service was to officially start.  (Sometimes we are a little laxed on the time!)  That wasn’t the crazy odd part though.

Usually either my husband or I introduce ourselves, if we don’t already know the person, and then ask for the visitors name.  Sometimes I think it’s a race to see who can get to the newby first, but it really isn’t.

Like I said though these ladies were different.  I said hello.  Before I could say anything else, one of them rattled off they were so and so’s friends then rushed into the sanctuary (we’ll call him Fred).  Fred wasn’t even there yet!  I never did get to fully introduce myself, but I don’t think that really mattered to them.  They met up with their friend and worshiped a mighty savior, the reason why they came.


I started thinking about those ladies after I got home that night.  Did they think that because they knew Fred, we would let them in?  Perhaps they thought if they didn’t know Fred we would kick them out?  Maybe they heard it was an invitation only service?  Possibly they thought Fred was a really special guy (which he is) and since they knew him they were pretty special too?  I really don’t know what they were thinking.  I do know that in our society, names play a very important role.

The names of our parents can easily determine our job, where we live, whether we receive scholarships or sometimes even who we marry.  We receive names at birth that could mean we are destined to be a millionaire or a housewife, bullied in school or a part of the popular crowd.  In my opinion, our society emphasizes names much more than they should.


Whose name are you using to get by in this life? for eternity? Everything we do has our name attached to it. Everything except our salvation.
“There is salvation in no one else! God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:12 (NLT)


One name, though, seems to never be emphasized enough.  We rarely hear it, but it is above all others.  It is seldom said, yet holds great power.  It is the only name that can save you.

That name is Jesus.  No other name.

It’s very possible that those ladies who visited my church were just nervous.  Maybe they thought by saying Fred’s name, I would leave them alone.  I am certain of one thing, though.  I’m certain they were there because of someone.  They knew a name.

Do you know THE name?

The ONLY name that can save you?

The ONE name that is above all others under heaven?

There is great power in that name.  Once we become a born again christian we wear that name which means we also have that power.  Just like those ladies received a “ticket to church” because of Fred, we get a “ticket to heaven” because of Jesus.  As long as we have that “ticket to heaven”, we stand in victory.  Since we have that victory, we can walk around sharing that name and sharing a “ticket to heaven”.

There is salvation in no one else!

No other has that power.

Only the name of Jesus!

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Hi! I'm Julia. I have an awesome God, 1 wonderful husband, 2 beautiful daughters, and 2 very loving dogs. I love them all from the bottom of my heart as well as pretty much all things DIY. I am a completely flawed, broken, and challenging woman who rests in the fact that I serve a mighty Savior who has freed me from all of it and loves me deeply. I have homeschooled and taught kids in a church setting for what seems like a lifetime, but God isn't finished with me yet. I feel God has led me to teach and speak His Truth in a much larger setting. I pray that as you read my blog, you will know and understand a little more of that Truth and be able to feel His love more than you ever have.

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